Colossus at 72

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On 5 February 1944, Colossus Mk I attacked its first Lorenz message. "The rest is history", as they say, but this history couldn't begin to be told for more than three decades because it was so important.

Andy Clark, Chairman of TNMOC, tells the story in context in this presentation at the ENIGMA – Precursor of the Digital Civilization conference organized by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation on 10 November 2015 in Warsaw.

You can see the Colossus Rebuild every day

The Colossus and Tunny galleries at TNMOC telling the story from intercept to decrypt are open daily to visitors.

Colossus at 70

Two years ago, TNMOC celebrated Colossus at 70 in the presence of several Colossus veterans in front of the Colossus Rebuild at TNMOC. Here is the video of that event.

Colossus talks at TNMOC

From time to time, Phil Hayes, Colossus Rebuild Chief Engineer, gives evening talks on the technical details of tackling Lorenz with Colossus. Keep an eye on TNMOC events, or sign up by emailing

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