Colossus - key links

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Here are some key links giving the background of Colossus, the world's first electronic computer. Plus information about the Colossus Rebuild and what you can see at TNMOC.

The Colossus Gallery - what you will see at TNMOC. Opening times

The Tunny Gallery - what you will see at TNMOC. Opening times

BBC Code-Breakers: Bletchley Park's Lost Heroes A landmark BBC2 video telling the story of the breaking of Lorenz and the creation of Colossus.

Colossus: Creating and Giant A Google video featuring Colossus veterans

Uncovering Colossus - Prof Brian Randell A lecture at TNMOC in 2013 about how the secret of Colossus came to light.

Tommy Flowers Rare footage of the man who designed the first electronic computer.

Colossus - The First Electronic Computer - Tony Sale The late Tony Sale talks about progress with the rebuild project in 2005.

World War II computer Colossus that cracked Nazi code - Tony Sale - 2010 Short BBC News Online video.

The Colossus Rebuild Project How the famous rebuild came about.

BBC Celebrating Colossus, the codebreaking computer

Tribute to Flowers, Tutte & Turing by Testery code-breaker Capt Jerry Roberts

The Late Tony Sale's Codes and Ciphers Website

The Colossus Rebuild in action - short video

Video of Colossus at 70 celebrations at TNMOC

Sponsor a Valve on Colossus

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