STEMCyber Girls Day to include FUZE Coding Workshop

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On 16 October 2015, the STEMCyber Girls Day will include a FUZE Coding Workshop.

More about STEMCyber Girls Day

The workshops are great fun, engaging and real eye-openers.

You'll have an insight into what programmers really do and why it is important to learn computational thinking (CT).

Most importantly the workshop is all hands-on.

  • The first project “Hello World” teaches a few basic commands.
  • We then jump to simple physical control to really get students excited about what they can do and give them real hands-on, perception changing experience of what programming is really all about.
  • Students wire up an LED, switch it on (with a short program), then switch it off, next, using what they have learnt, they get the LED flashing. This project is great fun and really gets them thinking.
  • Next they wire up a light sensitive resistor and write a program to display a circle on the screen based on the value of the light shining on it … it’s like magic! (This may sound rather complex, but it really isn’t!)
  • Finally, Robot Arm time! – Have fun controlling a robot arm, first using a pre-written program and then by writing some code.

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