Ele leads the code stitchers at TNMOC last weekend

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Something different was happening at the Museum last Saturday. Between the clicking of Colossus, the whirr of the Elliott and the beeps of the Beebs, our meeting room was a buzz of activity - stitching the code. Visitors to TNMOC were invited on Saturday to join the team stitching the term 'code' as part of the Embroided Digital Commons project.

Those joining the project on Saturday were contributing to the 'Embroidered Digital Commons' artwork facilitated by Ele Carpenter as part of the Open Source Embroidery project. That's Ele on the left explaining the concept to some of our visitors.

The 'Embroidered Digital Commons' is based on the language of the Concise Lexicon of/for the Digital Commons (Sarai, 2003). Written by the Raqs Media Collective, the full lexicon is an A-Z of the interrelationship between social, digital and material space. It weaves together an evolving language of the commons which is both poetic and informative.

Groups in various locations aim to collectively stitch terms from the Lexicon as a practical way of close-reading and discussing the text and it's current meaning. Each term is chosen in relation to the specific context of its production through group workshops, conferences and events. The terms of the lexicon are: Access, Bandwidth, Code, Data, Ensemble, Fractal, Gift, Heterogeneous, Iteration, Kernal, Liminal, Meme, Nodes, Orbit, Portability, Quotidian, Rescension, Site, Tools, Ubiquity, Vector, Web, Xenophilly, Yarn, and Zone.

Code: That which carries embedded within it a sign. The term CODE is being stitched at The National Museum of Computing during Spring 2011.

The workshop has taken place in February and the next is booked for Saturday March 26th and Saturday April 9th, 2011

You don't need any sewing experience so why not join the next session with tea and biscuits provided.

You can see from the pictures that the workshop was enjoyed by both young and old.

More pictures from the event can be found here.

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