Extended opening, IRIS is fixed (again) and new signage

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With over 1000 visitors to the museum, it was a very busy Easter weekend for all concerned.

Extended opening

Thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their time to enable the museum to open every day during the Easter weekend. It was by far the busiest time we have had this year with Monday being the busiest day.

IRIS is fixed again

After finding the Air Traffic Control system was unable to start up last week, Peter V spent Friday morning investigating what the problem was. It turned out to be the replacement DZS11 serial card fitted a few weeks ago which had gone faulty - further investigation found the card was a much earlier version than the one it replaced so may have not have been fully compatible. A new replacement was found of the same version as the original and once fitted the BEG processor booted OK. It seemed the DEG PDP 11/34 processors (controlling the Radar screens) decided it was their turn to play up and failed to boot. After a complete power off and restart of the full system they finally booted and the system was once again fully operational, and remained working throughout the weekend. Fingers crossed we have now fixed it for good. Well done Peter.

High res photos

Chris B and Adam spent most of Saturday playing with a motorised mount and hi-res digital camera to take some 360 degree panoramic pictures of some of the galleries. They are planning to produce some videos using the images and we hope to have them available for download in the future.

Moving archive boxes

Tony F spent most of the previous week and specifically Friday moving approx. 500 archive boxes out of the archive room and into the meeting room. This is in preparation for delivery and fitting of our new archive shelving. We still have to rip up the carpet and fit better lighting but the bulk of the moving has now been completed. Well done Tony.

Research office cleared and tidied

Kevin M and Peter V spent most of Saturday clearing out the research office and moving the remaining ICL archive cabinets from the archive into it. We just need some additional shelving and network points and it will be completed.

PC gallery screen time out

Ben spent a frustrating Saturday trying to figure out how to configure the Sun server scripts to stop the PC gallery displays from timing out. This has been somewhat annoying, especially the screens that don't have a keyboards attached. After much head scratching he finally cracked the problem which will be appreciated by all concerned. Well done Ben.

Another 803 training course

John S ran another training course on the Elliott 803 for any volunteers interested. This time he covered the basics of the film controller - A unit we don't actually have on the 803 but is something some of the volunteers are trying to design a replacement for.

803 film handler signalling investigations

John W and Peter O spent much of Monday investigating the signalling and controls of the film handler. These are on-going investigations with the eventual aim of designing and building a film controller interface so we can actually see the film handler working.

Mini Elliot 803

Peter O has spent the past few weeks designing and building an Elliott 803 hardware emulator and he brought in an almost complete system on Monday. He was able to demonstrate loading of a music tape (actually a file of a paper tape from his laptop) and the device began playing music, just like the real thing. Very impressive Peter.

Cabling and lighting

Pete H was in during last week and made a start on fitting mains sockets in the receiption office. He also looked at what was needed for the new lighting in the archive room and made a start on preparing the ceiling for the light boxes.

New entrance signs

After waiting almost 3 months for planning permission, this was finally given during the week and we were able to install 2 new signs in front of the museum.

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