First recording for The Imitation Archive

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Award-winning sound artist and composer Matt Parker is at TNMOC recording the sounds of 70 years of computing as part of a new Arts Council funded project, The Imitation Archive. As his work progresses, we'll give you little soundbytes. Here is the first.

Matt says: "I've spent some time working through the process used to decrypt the cipher made by the Lorenz SZ40/42 cipher machine used by German High Command during World War II.

"It’s a fascinating story of incredibly high level skill in logical analysis and something I couldn’t do justice describing myself. I recommend a visit to TNMOC to find out more. I’ve started off at the point of entry… The Radio Frequency transmission of wireless telegraphy.

"I’ve recorded many sounds from the RCA AR-88LF at the museum, covering as many sonic aspects that I can. Here is a little teaser of a recording taken from the rear of the unit, picking up super low electromagnetic frequencies."

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