First Relaxed Opening Session of 2018 great success

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The first Relaxed Opening Session of 2018, designed for people with autism and sponsored by Paessler, was a great success, says TNMOC's head of learning, Claire Marston.

More than 20 people turned up to the restricted-numbers event and had the run of the Museum before it opened to the public on Sunday afternoon.

Claire Marston explained: "For the Relaxed Opening sessions we make sure that the visitors know what to expect. We provide sensory maps in advance and there is a special chill-out zone if it all seems to be becoming a little to much for our autistic visitors."

New for this session -- and proving to be especially popular -- were Paessler's colouring books showing IT equipment in diffferent contexts.

The games computers room was busy and families were having fun especially with the Crazy Taxi vintage video game.

Another surprise success was the bubble tube: "one young boy with poor eyesight was enthralled by the technology of the rising bubbles and swimming fish. He had his nose right up against the tube, obviously fascinated."

One parent tweeted afterwards: Had a lovely day ... now on the way home from @tnmoc Relaxed Opening Session - such a wonderful idea for those kids that are often excluded from them!

The next Relaxed Opening Session, sponsored by Paessler AG, is on Friday 6 April. Sessions are free, but registration is necessary so that numbers can be limited to an appropriate level.

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