A fitting award for an archivist

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The Museum's voluntary archivist Brian Aldous has received the most fitting of awards - a Community Action MK Award for Longevity!

There aren't many people whose lives have spanned the period they are archiving, but Brian Aldous has lived through if not remembered seven decades of computing progress.

"Very little of what I have archived predates my birth!" Brian said. "I started in the computing industry in 1962 and was actually part of Donald Davies' team that developed packet switching. There is a gallery in the Museum celebrating that development - and it was the planning for that gallery that first introduced me to the Museum."

"The award was a complete surprise to me. I'm delighted. And I'm fascinated to see that the trophy is composed by bicycle parts! The handles are brake callipers!"

Tim Marren, Chief Executive of Community Action: MK, presented Brian with the award. Community Action: MK promotes, supports, engages and involves the amazing work happening in and around Milton Keynes’ communities.

Victoria Alexander, the Museum's Operations Director nominated Brian for the award said: "There were lots of entries in Brian's category, so we are particularly thrilled that he has won. I nominated Brian because he has worked so diligently and proactively in developing our ever-growing archive."

Brian Aldous is the man behind the quarterly feature on Computer Weekly headlines from 25 and 40 years ago.

The Museum Archive is open to bona fide researchers and back copies of Computer Weekly and other magazines are on display at the Museum.

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