George goes on tour

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Our favourite robot, George, has started his world tour. He left the Museum in November last year and had his first gig at the Science Museum premiere last night. Minder Margaret Sale was present. He had that Andy Warhol look about him,

On the opening night, George was in his element, although Margaret, a TNMOC Trustee and George's guardian, said he didn't seem too perturbed that he was smaller than many of his illustrious companions.

"It was a fantastic evening, even opened by a robot. I especially liked the swan robot's movements, the real-life look of the Japanese girl robot and the little rag doll robots from the University of Herfordshire. I met some old friend robots who visit TNMOC during Bytes Festivals. The modern ones showing their muscles and sinews did make my skin crawl a bit though!"

"I'm happy to say that George was wearing his TNMOC Volunteer Badge with pride. Let's hope he spreads the word of our existence far and wide."

George is in residence at the London Science Museum robot exhibition until September, when the grand tour moves to Manchester, then York and Edinburgh and probably the world.

For George's remarkable history from his re-incarnation from a crashed Lancaster bomber to a 1950's star masterminded by the late Tony Sale and a 2010 appearance on BBC Wallace and Gromit World of Invention, see here.

Thanks to Nigel Sale (Margaret's son) for some great photos of last night's opening.

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