Guess the Computer: Audio Nos 1 - 5

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Sound artist and composer Matt Parker is recording the sounds of seven decades of computing for The Imitation Archive Project at TNMOC.

Can you remember the booting sounds of your favourite computer? Today, we release the fifth and final computer boot audio.

Can you identify them all?

They are all here:

Acorn A3010
Amiga 500
Amstrad PC1512DD
BBC Micro Model B

Answer via TNMOC Twitter, Facebook or Google+ pages and the first lucky winner out of the hat will win a pair of tickets to Matt Parker's talk at TNMOC in April.

Answers should take the form of "1 Name, 2 Name ..." etc (model numbers not required).

The Closing Date is 12 midnight GMT Sunday 8 March 2015. We will reveal the answers on Monday.

You can see and use many of these computers in the PC gallery at TNMOC.

Here they all are:

Tickets for Matt Parker's Imitation Archive talk at TNMOC

Imitation Archive Sounds you may have missed so far:

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