Happy New Year from all at the museum and plans for 2010

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A quick summary of activities over Christmas and looking forward...

TNMOC Christmas party

The cold and winter weather meant several people could not make it to the TNMOC Christmas party but the 25 or so that did had a really good time. We decided to do things a little differently with the food this year and went for several flavours of curry and rice, various selections of cold meats and a very rich a delicious chocolate cake made by Kevin B's sister (it did not last long!). By the time many of us had left the snowfall had become almost blizzard like but everyone managed to get home or to the hotel OK.

Busy during the Christmas weekend

The Sunday and Monday of the Christmas weekend was surprisingly busy. We were able to open on the Sunday and Monday after Boxing Day and the Park received over 250 visitors each day. The rest of the week was very quiet and because of limited volunteer availability we were not able to open until the folowing Saturday, which also gave us all a nice break.

Closed due to the snow

The next couple of weeks were very quiet due to the severe snowfalls. As a result both the Park and Museum were closed on several occasions, and one weekend, so not much to report on. Hopefully now the snow has cleared things will return to normal.

Happy New Year

A little late but the Trustees and Volunteers would like to wish all our visitors, past, present and future a happy and prosperous 2010.

2009 was a busy year

If someone had told us what we would achieve in 2009 there would not be many people who would believe them yet with very limited funds throughout the year, some generous sponsors and an incalculable amount of volunteer time and effort we achieved the following: new PC Gallery sponsored by IBM and PGP, Obsolete? concert by Pixelh8, Technology of the Internet gallery sponsored by NPL, new shop, arrival of WITCH and lots more.

2010 and beyond

While 2009 was a very busy year for us all we have many new and exciting projects being planned for 2010.

Fund-raising is still top of the TO-DO list and is always a difficult subject but we still need a great deal of funds to enable us to achieve the ideas we have for the Museum. We get no lottery or government funding - the lottery grant mentioned in the press last year was for the Bletchley Park Trust and not the museum, and we do not receive any monies from Bletchley Park (we actually pay rent to them for the building we are in). So, we rely totally on visitor donations, corporate sponsorship of exhibitions and the generosity of many to keep the museum running - we require over £500/day just to keep the museum open so any contribution, no matter how small, be it time or financial is gratefully received.

The Vintage Computer Festival (VCF) event planned for June 2010 will be one of the biggest events we have organised to date and will be a collaborative effort with Bletchley Park. We are all very excited about this event but we know there is a lot of work still to be done, one of which is finding sponsors for the event.

New galleries are being planned or actively worked on. We have some interesting ideas for what is currently called the scientific gallery and work on the electronic office is still progressing. Other galleries are in the planning or ideas stage and once we have things worked out, we will release details. This is all subject to getting the necessary funding to do the work.

We plan to expand the educational side of the museum and have been asked by Bletchley Park to take on the responsibility of organising the school and college visits to both the Park and the Museum. For the last three months of 2009 we were averaging 3 to 4 school visits per week and this is likely to increase as more educational related galleries and information comes on stream. Several new galleries are being planned in line with current school ITC curriculum which we hope will attract many more visits from local schools and from farther afield.

Another major project involves a refit for the Tunny and Colossus galleries to make them more accessible to visitors and improve the information available on the equipment there. This is a long term project which will need a lot of planning and work over the coming months.

That pretty much covers all the activities currently being thought about but we are sure, as always happens, some new and exiting plans and hopefully sponsors will turn up to take us down a different path. We are all looking forward to adding to what we achieved in 2009 to make the museum one of the foremost attractions in the UK and help keep Bletchley Park on the map.

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