Historic Books: Intelligence and National Security

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Intelligence and National Security
Published by Frank Cass and Company Limited, 1986
TNMOC Reference: 002393 and 002394, Codes and Ciphers

Two volumes from a publication that aims to be the first scholarly, interdisciplinary journal devoted to the history of intelligence work, to the analysis of its contemporary functions and problems, and to the assessment of its influence on foreign policy and national security.

These two volumes contain articles written by AG Denniston and Gordon Welchman, two of the original staff at Bletchley Park during the Second World War. Indeed, Gordon Welchman was responsible for improving Alan Turing’s original design for the Bombe ensuring that it was sufficiently efficient to actually be useful.

Specifically, you can read about the Government Code and Cypher School (predecessor to GCHQ), how the Polish Bomba evolved into the British Bombe, the birth of Ultra, the famous “Action This Day” memo, and a note from Sir Peter Marychurch, director of GCHQ, to Gordon Welchman admonishing him not only for the article on the Polish Bomba (in issue 1) but also for his Hut 6 codebreaking book!

Each month, TNMOC librarians highlight a historic book in the museum collection. The library holds an outstanding collection of books on computer history and milieu, and historically significant textbooks. Cataloguing is well underway.The online catalogue is on Library World.

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