Historic Books: Memoirs of a Computing Pioneer

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Memoirs of a Computer Pioneer
Wilkes, Maurice
Published by The MIT Press, 1985
ISBN: 0262231220
TNMOC Reference: 001043, History of Comput(ers/ing) - People and Organisations

Sir Maurice Wilkes was one of the leading scientific explorers in the development of the modern digital computer. He directed the Mathematical Laboratory at Cambridge University where he and his team built the EDSAC computer (currently being reconstructed at TNMOC).

In this book, Wilkes describes the development of EDSAC and its successor EDSAC 2 and his further work in programming, time-sharing systems as well as anecdotes of such contemporaries as Turing, Hartree, von Neumann, Aiken and others.

You can read the book and see the ongoing reconstruction of EDSAC at the museum!
And read about Maurice Wilkes' son's memory of his father and
Sir Maurice's last' visit to TNMOC as seen by The Guardian's Jack Schofield.

Each month, TNMOC librarians highlight a historic book in the museum collection. The library holds an outstanding collection of books on computer history and milieu, and historically significant textbooks. Cataloguing is well underway.The online catalogue is on Library World.

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