Historic photos: What Price Computer Memory?

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“An engineer from CDC inside the central processing unit of the CDC 6600 in the London Informatics Centre of Service in Informatics & Analysis Ltd. The engineer is checking the cabling of the additional 65K words of core storage being installed at a cost of £0.5 million.”
As captioned in 1969

That works out at the equivalent of about £120 a word, or £16 per byte, according to the Bank of England’s sterling index. (£1 in 1969 is the equivalent of about £15.65 today.)

Image identifier: CW-CDC-001

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Each month TNMOC curators highlight an image from the Computer Weekly photo collection held at the museum. The collection contains about 10,000 images of computer scenes and equipment. A selection of images and a link to the catalogue is on the TNMOC Flickr account.

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