ICL 2966 air duct tested, Electronic office is cleared and more decorating.

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A very quiet week for a change but a very busy Saturday

ICL 2966 air ducting

Pete H has now almost completed the wooden air ducting and fitted it to the top of the 2966 cabinets. This contains additional fans to dissipate the excess heat generated by the 2966 cabinets and directs the hot vented air via a wooden duct through a sealed window. He then ran 3 of the 5 cabinets for over an hour without any problems. Previously he could only run one of the three due to the amount of heat they generated. This is another step forward towards to goal of running the system fully once the operator consoles are fixed.

Electronic Office

Peter V spend much of Saturday removing more ceiling tiles and metalwork in the Electronic office in preparation for the builders visiting the following Monday. Pete H also did a survey of the power distribution during the week with the aim of finding a way to connect the power in the new display area to the room ring main. However, the result of the survey was not as expected so we will have to re-think how we get power to the new display.

Elliott 803 working fine

The Elliott 803 continued to work reliably (apart from the tape reader) after the battery charger (PSU) was fixed last week. Work on checking the store fault has been fixed and the problem with the paper tape reader was deferred to another week as neither Peter O or John S were in on Saturday.

Workshop decorating

The workshop area designated for 'the new machine' has almost been cleared and work continues apace in painting the walls. An announcement on what 'it' is will be made in the next few weeks after the machine arrives from Birmingham. It is certainly going to be a very busy weekend next week! Kevin M, Tony F and Jo will be visiting Birmingham soon to identify all the components currently in storage and arrange a delivery date.

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