ICL 2966 ops console, equipment moving and the Elliott store fault remains

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A rather quiet week compared to many this year but it was busy for the Polish Day event.

2966 operater console

Pete H and Phil H have spent some time during the week and at the weekend trying to fix the operator console, however it is proving difficult as they have no documentation or circuit diagrams for the units. The console does have a external monitor feed which but this did not apper to be working either, probably due to the same fault. Phil H spent most of Saturday trying to scope the keyboard and found it was not being scanned, but why remains a mystery. Pete H has also started making the airflow box to go on top of the main cabinets to extract the heat from the top vents. This will then be funneled out of the room via two small windows. This is needed before the system can be switched on.

ACME movers and shifters

It was another day/week for shifting equipment around the museum. In preparation for starting the work on a new gallery, more old equipment was moved to our secondary storage area and various areas tidied up.

Elliott 803 store fault

Work continues in trying to find the cause of the store fault. Peter O is still buiding the necessary hardware to interface to the 803 to capture status information when the parity error occurs. This is proving a difficult fault to fix but I'm sure, with the aid of some PIC processors (which are actually more powerfull that the 803 itself!) the problem should be found soon.

40 column punch card kit

Graham is making excellent progress on restoring the 40 column punch card equipment. He almost has the sorter working and he has managed to free up the mechanisms in several others.

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