A life-giving present for Colossus

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Following our call for valves in December last year, 100 rare Colossus valves arrived at TNMOC today courtesy of Langrex, supplier of obsolete and hard-to-find components.

The valves are the especially temperamental 807s, so to receive a donation of 100 of them will be vital in keeping the Colossus Rebuild running for years to come. It's not known exactly where they they were originally made, they are from different manufacturers, but they are all of the same spec.

Phil Hayes, Chief Engineer of the Colossus Rebuild, was delighted to receive the consignment from Langrex, one of the largest stockists and distributors of electronic valves, tubes and semiconductors in the UK. "We treat the valves very carefully to make them last, but the 807s are especially delicate."

More valves and tubes for Colossus and the WITCH are always needed, so please keep them coming.

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