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Dave Anders, a USA resident, Design Engineer at SoftIron and member of TNMOC writes:

You wouldn't really call me a fan-boy or the typical person for hero-worship. You won't find lots of selfie pictures of me on social media, and you certainly won't find any pictures of me with with famous people... except this one.

Over my years in the technology business I've met a lot of people. I've had interesting tech conversations with Linus Torvalds (of Linux Kernel and GIT fame). I've enjoyed hilarious tales from Jim Gettys (of X windows and many others), and I've even had tequila shots with Mark Shuttleworth (google that one) in a little Tex-Mex restaurant in the middle of the Arizona desert, but... you won't see photos of these events.

Yes I know - 'Pics Or It Didn't Happen'. This is the one time I have proof. This is a picture of me with Margaret Sale. Margaret and her husband Tony were instrumental in saving large portions of Bletchley Park, where Alan Turing and many others worked to decode cryptographic messages during World War II. Tony founded The National Museum of Computing, Margaret later became a trustee and together they were the foundation of a team that recreated one of the first semi-programmable computers, Colossus, which is on display at the museum.

Tony Sale passed away suddenly in 2011, but Margaret has carried on volunteering at the museum, became a trustee and continued to champion the preservation of our shared computing history.

This week the UK Prime Minister 's office officially recognized Margaret Sale with its Points of Lights Award for her self sacrifice, dedication, and leadership with The National Museum of Computing.

I want to extend a grand congratulation to Margaret, and to tell everyone, yes I have pictures to prove that I know a famous and incredible person.

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