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You might think that The National Museum of Computing only hosts computers of all shapes and sizes, but in fact we also have a large archive of documents and books.

Today Lin and Brian were hard at work sorting and storing documents new to the archive.

Lin, our Operations Manager, is reviewing some copies of Computer Weekly from the 1960s to add to our extensive collection of the publication.

The paper leads with a story about how, by the autumn of 1967, public access to a 'time sharing computer' will be possible using the public telephone system!

On the right it is reported that the Twickenham College of Technology receives its Elliott 803; the type of computer restored and operating in the large systems gallery at TNMOC.

You can find out more about the Computer Weekly collection here.

Brian, our volunteer archivist, is busy sorting and organising our magazines and journals that visitors can access by appointment.

Click here to find out more about our archive.

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