Network cabling, display boards and moving equipment again

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After the musical interlude last week it was back to normal museum work this week...

After many weeks of nagging... I mean requests, Peter V finally found the time to redo the network cabling in the admin office. We now have some nice new wall sockets for connecting various systems rather than a load of trailing cables and a 8 port switch tie-wrapped to some iron work on the wall. Well done Peter.

Pete H has been making more progress on the ICL disk drives. One of the drives had a load of deteriorating filter material bunging up various air-flow pipes. After clearing out the blockages he then fixed the disk interlock mechanism which was stopping a pack spinning up. He now has 2 drives running with disk packs installed and spinning up on request. Nice work Pete.

John S gave another training course on the Elliott 803 to some of the volunteers. This time it covered the PSU in the paper tape station and a crash course (hopefully not literally!) on taking apart, cleaning and lubricating the 803 main cabinet fans. No sign of the strange smell from a few weeks back so that problem appears to have gone away.

The IRIS air traffic control system fired up first time today so it looks like the problems we had last week have been fixed.

Kevin M spent most of the day populating the display boards in the Electronic office with some information about what happens in the electronic office. He has also finally found some goo that actually sticks the text boards onto the display boards so hopefully we won't need to keep sticking them back on again!

In preparation for a number of new galleries in the planning stage, several rooms were tidied up and equipment stored in there moved to other areas. Lack of storage space is always a problem so moving of equipment from one area of the museum to another is a constant activity. Also the shelf displays on input/output and storage were moved out of the old hands on room in preparation for the arrival of the punch card machines from Liverpool.

A presentation was made during the week to the sponsors of the packet switching gallery which is currently in planning. We hope to get the go-ahead for this in the next few weeks and this work is currently estimated to take 6 months to complete. More details will be announced when we can.

The Alpha 4100 server installation and set-up was completed during the week which is good news. It is now serving the OS emulator which you can try here.

The fibre based raid disk arrays which will be used for the document archive were fitted into the Alpha server rack during the week. We also had a new 19inch cabinet arrive thanks to one of the volunteers companies no longer having a use for it and should help with our server requirements. However it is clear we urgently need air-conditioning as our server area is getting very hot, but as usual we have no money to pay for it so we are on the lookout for anyone who could help/sponsor this.

The museum had a lot of visitors during Saturday even though the weather was not that great.

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