New book: Early Home Computers

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TNMOC trustee and Computer Conservation Society secretary, Kevin Murrell, has just written a new book, Early Home Computers, for the Shire publication series.

Early Home Computers tells the story of the first commonplace home computers -- the Sinclairs, Commodores, Amstrads, Acorns, Apple Macs, and the earliest versions of Microsoft Windows -- that helped to make the computer an indispensable item in the British home.

Its 48 pages are packed with great period pictures (and very dodgy hairstyles). From the spectacular Honeywell kitchen computer (built-in chopping board, $10,000, sales thought to be nil), through simulated colour monitors (tinted transparent overlays) for a Magnavox Odyssey through the BBC micro, Apples and IBM PCs, to games, modems and the compact disc, it makes a fascinating read and memory-jogger.

Retailing at £6.99 (or less), you can buy it at the TNMOC shop or online through
Or from the Book Depository with free worldwide delivery.

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