Normal service has resumed and a nice donation

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After a very busy Easter weekend things returned to some form of normality this week...


We hope to open a shop within the museum in the next few weeks to sell some museum logo'd items. The chip and pin terminal arrived during the week, and with the POS terminal and donated POS software we are almost ready to open. Kevin M was the guinea pig and made the first credit card transaction of £2.50 via the chip and pin machine. This worked... however we forgot to tell him he could have also tested the refund facility so the Museum now has an unexpected additional donation! The cabinets to show off some of the items have been installed in the reception area so we are just waiting for some merchandise and we should be good to go. We initially intend to sell small items like pens, pads and T-Shirts but hope to expand the number of items as we move forward.


We had two very nice donations during Saturday. Jim and Carol brought in some very early PC posters which will look good around the museum. We also received an original and very early HP desktop calculator with manuals and magnetic cards. This was an HP9100A and Johan has been given the task of cleaning it up, but it looks really nice. We also received a nice looking Olivetti calculator and are also arranging to collect a rare Victor Vicki portable computer.


Tom Wooley from the National Media Museum visited today to see what we had done. He is looking to set-up a museum of computer games and came to get some ideas on how to do it.

More equipment moving and a bit of stripping

Several of the volunteers moved the remaining equipment out of the old hands-on room in preparation for the delivery of the punch card kit to go in the new Debits and Credits Gallery. We also made a start on stripping the carpet from the archive room and Pete H continued preparing for the light fitting which are due next week.

Other activities

Amongst the other activities during the week and weekend; Peter V fitted some additional blinds to the back of the large systems room. Kevin B spent much of Saturday creating programs for the Elliott 803. A number of discussions took place on the electronic office and how it could be re-done to show that aspect of computing better. Pete H continued with the mains wiring in the reception office. The IRIS Air Traffic Control system behaved itself again and started up first time.

Desktop PDP8

Phil H has started work on getting the desktop PDP-8 in the PC gallery working. Having spent a lot of time on reviving the PDP-8 in the workshop this should be a much simpler and quicker task given it's size.

Our first lost child

Just as we were closing on Saturday, one of the visitors said they could not find their 10 year old Boy. We had already started the lock-up processes so all the volunteers started to search in both the open and closed areas of the Museum. After about 10 minutes we had looked everywhere but had not located him. A second round of searching was started but shortly after we were told he had been found. He had wondered off to Hut 8 and was found by one of his Parents. We then locked up and went to the Pub.

New Volunteer

Finally we would like to welcome Rob Beavan to the volunteer team. Rob spent his first full day with us on Saturday and we look forward to his contributions and ideas for the museum.

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