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Yesterday was a super day. Warm and sunny, and the museum received over 400 visitors!

We kicked off just after nine with some of the more mundane aspects of running a public museum: cleaning carpets, toilets and display cases. Then checking leaflet dispensers, signage, and fire-doors. At 10 o'clock the roles of duty officer and fire officers are decided for the different sections of the building. By this stage everyone is present, so we adjourn for a meeting. Lots on the agenda this week: the final stages of the new PC gallery, recent offers and donations of artifacts, publicity campaign update, changes to formal procedures for donations, updates on meeting from during the week and finally a list of items in the hands-on galleries that need attention.

Lunch over near the mansion at 12:00, but I need to show two nice people around the museum ahead of opening. I don't get chance to do this very often these days, and it's a pleasure.

12:45 - final inspection of all galleries and checking of functional exhibits.

13:00 Doors open

13:05 Museum is packed! Hoards of people of all ages. Our special visitor form the US arrives mid-afternoon, and our youngest guide shows him around the museum.

16:00 DecTalk announces the museum is closing, but it takes 20 mins for the last visitors to leave. We then have a final quick meeting in the new gallery, and then adjorn to the pub. 'The Enigma' - so it's sort of fitting. In depth discussions on new galleries, the history of super-computers, and the quality of draft Guinness!

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