Popping Corks and Bees

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A really busy day finishing off the Development of Personal Computing Gallery.

The slat wall shelving was set up by Pete C with a collection of hand held devices including a pink iPod mini. No one was prepared to donate their iPhone just yet so we had to make do with an iPhone box instead!

Peter V finished off the painting and cabling. The wireless keyboards were installed and checked to make sure that they worked - and they did! After a bit of head scratching Ben managed configure the Sun system to show a sequence of pictures to each of the Sun thin clients controlling the screens and all 6 screens worked and it looks really good - nice work Ben.

The double sided panels also arrived unexpectedly (we were told next week) and the display fitters spent most of the day fitting them around the dais, and they look fantastic - timeline on the outside and colourful computer adverts inside. We managed to fit in nine hands on machines within the dais as well - good job done by Adam.

After the museum closed at 4pm, we all gathered in the new gallery and popped the corks on a couple of bottles of bubbly to celebrate the efforts of all involved in getting the gallery built in an amazing 8 weeks. It is hoped to have the new Gallery open to visitors next Saturday.

Now on to planning the next gallery....

Other activities in the museum involved Peter V fixing the Air Traffic Control system - one of the PDP 11/84s failed to start up but fortunately it was nothing major and only involved reseating a few of the cards to resolve it. Peter H is making good progress on refitting our new kitchen area; The sink unit and lighting are in place and fitting of the water heater and mains water is on-going. Tony F has started the cabling so we can fit visitor counters on all the main doors - it will be really interesting just how many visitors we get during the day.

It was Bee day at Bletchley Park and children were wandering around with small pots of earth containing a bee on a stick - unfortunately the contents of one pot ended up on the floor near the large systems room but Bob came to the rescue with Henry.

We had a visit from Michelle who was previously a volunteer - she was able to chat about old times and to be introduced to the more recent volunteers. Also visiting was Andy, one of the museum trustees, to see the completion of the PC gallery.

Lots of visitors in the museum as well today which is always good to see.

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