'Real computers glow in the dark'

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A consignment of valves for the Colossus Rebuild has just been received from the California Historical Radio Society - beautifully packed and all relevant charges paid! They will help keep Colossus running for quite some time yet.

Much thanks to Scott Robinson and his Californian radio group. He sent 31 x type 807 and 2 x type 6J5 valves.

Colossus Rebuild Chief Engineer Phil has just safely received them and reports: "They all arrived safely - I must say that they were expertly packed, I don't think that if a nuclear had been dropped on the box it would have touched the tubes."

Scott then explained:

"I packed them myself, as you can see with great care and some understanding of mechanical shock isolation from my time in the acoustics business. It seemed to me to be part of the job to pack them so that they would survive Otherwise, the testing effort and all that is wasted. I'm glad to know that it's all appreciated."

"To paraphrase from radio people: Real computers glow in the dark."

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