Remembering 011y

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This weekend, a group of family, friends and fellow volunteers gathered to celebrate the life of 011y Harlow, a volunteer at the Museum for many years and the man who used, stored and restored the 1960s Elliott 903 now resident at the Museum.

On Saturday, 011y's eldest brother, Roger, unveiled the plaque that will ensure that the man behind the Elliott 903 will not be forgotten.

Oliver (011y) Harlow passed away on New Year’s Eve 2017 after a long illness. He was a very popular and highly valued volunteer at the Museum and by all accounts regarded the museum as a second home -- some say he would rather be at the Museum than his own home. He had had a career in electronic engineering, working mainly in defence systems design, and he brought a wealth of experience, knowledge, skill – and personality – to his volunteering at the Museum.

011y (he used digits in his nickname) brought a special gift to the Museum -- his treasured 1960s Elliott 903 on which he had first developed his computing expertise, later stored it in his bedroom, then his attic and then restored it to full working order at the Museum with the help of Terry Froggatt and Peter Williamson.

At the gathering, 011y's relatives were invited to type in their names and have them punched in ASCII onto paper tape -- a favourite with visiting students who have usually their first introduction to the wonders of ASCII through 011y's donated machine.

Then, in a nod to the Elliott 903's heyday, 1960s fantasy football results were printed out on a teleprinter as in those pre-internet days when Grandstand would bring the up-to-the-minute results on BBC TV (see below).

Museum Trustree Margaret Sale and volunteers Steve Kay and Terry Froggatt reflected on 011y's skilled and entertaining contribution to the the Museum

Read the tribute by TNMOC to 011y in January

And the story behind the 011y's Elliott 903.

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