Resistance calling

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Last Sunday 14 August 2016, a TNMOC team together with the MK Amateur Radio Society attempted to contact the Resistance Museum in Vassieux-en-Vercors, France, using 1940's equipment.

Visitors to Summer Bytes were able to see the Bletchley team (callsign GB2BP) use a Second World War National HRO Receiver, the type deployed extensively by the Y service and for receiving signals from Allies' agents and the Resistance, along with a a reconstructed Whaddon MKIII Transmitter.

At the French Resistance Museum, Didier, using the special callsign TM3FFI, operated an original Second World War B2 spy set built into a suitcase, as used by the resistance during the war.

The communication was by Morse (CW Continous Wave) -- some say the first digital communication data mode -- and everyone familiar with modern day mobile comms will groan in sympathy to hear that the radio conditions were not good.

Didier received the Bletchley signals at good strength, but his signals were barely audible amongst the radio interference. This would have been all to similar to the sorts of challenges faced during the war.

Here is some of the action in France (in French):

David White's (G3ZPA) small display of spy radio equipment caused great interest amongst visitors to the museum who enjoyed the whole event.

Team members taking part at Bletchley included Peter M0PJD, John G4JGG, Dave M0CEM, Andy G7JQL and Davie G3ZPA.

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