Say it with paper tape

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When James Ward's girlfriend returned from filming at TNMOC, she returned with a present: punched paper tape with a message on it for him. He was delighted and it gave him an idea ...

James was planning to propose to Patricia Reece and he prepared a little treasure hunt around her home village before he popped the question. He wanted her first clue to be written on paper tape and he asked if TNMOC could oblige. So, he visited and with the help of TNMOC volunteers the coded message was produced.

The result? Over to James ...

She said yes! Her highlight, maybe even a little bit more than the ring, was having to break the code you gave me to get to her favourite tree during her treasure hunt. I was at the tree waiting to pop the question.

You helped make Saturday a very special day for us and one we will remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much and pass on our thanks to the other people who helped out!

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