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Two radio programmes over Easter that featured TNMOC are now available online. In Ways of Thinking Chris Monk gave Naomi Alderman an introduction to coding a BBC Micro and in a five-part daily series Aleks Krotoski explored Codes That Changed the World starting each day in the TNMOC Software gallery.

Ways of Thinking originally broadcast Sunday 5 April 2015 BBC Radio 4 13.30-14.00 Now available online
"In the early days of computers, only ultra-logical reductionist thinkers could participate. Amateurs were easily frustrated by computers that seemed to lack common sense. 40 years on, it's a very different story. You don't have to think in 1s and 0s to be a digital creative ..." Author Naomi Alderman visited TNMOC to learn about the Harwell Dekatron / WITCH and have an introduction to coding on a BBC Micro in the TNMOC Classroom.

Codes That Changed the World A five-part daily series origionally broadcast 6-10 April 2015 BBC Radio 4 13.45-14.00. Now online.
Aleks Krotoski explores Fortran, Cobol, Basic and Java and other computer languages, many of them through visits to see TNMOC working computers and in the Software Gallery. You'll hear some of the sounds of Museum computers, an interview with TNMOC Volunteer Jill Clarke, a little of Learning Co-ordinator Chris Monk and an excerpt or two from Matt Parker's Imitation Archive.

Now available online:

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