Turing and his times

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Turing and his Times was held in 2012 to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing Year. TNMOC teamed up with the Computer History Museum in Mountainview, California and the Heinz Nixdorf Museum in Paderborn, Germany and produced a set of videos.

On on 26 April 2012, journalist, commentator and technology critic, Bill Thompson chaired the TNMOC Turing and his Times event which was captured on video and features:

  • the first formal public showing of a video commissioned by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) of the recollections of two of Turing's colleagues.
  • a talk by computer historian Prof Simon Lavington on Turing and his Contemporaries
  • a simulation of the Pilot ACE computer by TNMOC trustee Kevin Murrell

Part 1 Introduction and NPL video featuring two of Turing's colleagues. (14 mins)

Part 2 Prof Simon Lavington talks about Turing's ideas post-1945. (36 mins)

Part 3 Kevin Murrell demonstrates a simulation of the Pilot ACE followed by a Q&A session with an unexpected appearance from the audience of someone who had actually programmed the Pilot ACE computer! (35 mins)

At The Computer History Museum in California on 7 March 2012, historian George Dyson was in conservation with Museum President and CEO John Hollar about the influence of Alan Turing on John von Neumann (and vice-versa) as the digital universe was taking its present form.

In Germany, on 26 May 2012, the Heinz Nixdorf Museum in Paderborn, Germany, hosted an event featuring two short lectures: Professor Dr Horst Zuse talking about his father Konrad Zuse and his computers, Professor Dr Raul Rojas comparing Turing and Zuse, plus videos of their Turing exhibition and the Heinz Nixdorf Museum's working mechanical Turing machine.

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