That Vintage Games Weekend

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An astroturfed, chandeliered marquee greeted visitors to TNMOC's Vintage Games Weekend on the first May Bank Holiday weekend. And did those game boys (and girls) have fun!

So many people said how good it was to bring back great memories of so many early games. For younger visitors, it was of course quite a new experience. So new, that some of the touchscreen generation couldn't quite get the hang of the joy sticks - a tool that seemed so natural to their elders.

There were lots of entrants to the Grand Galaxians competition and the winners were:
on Saturday: Joshua Ziegles
and on Sunday: Dominic H from the Oxford area.

On play were:

  • the original 1990's Doom!
  • Galaxians on Commodore Amigas
  • Pong
  • Commodore Amigas
  • Spectrums
  • BBC Micros
  • Atari game consoles
  • and lots more .

The only game that didn't quite grab imaginations was the Dance Game (matching dance moves to those on screen). Clearly alcohol is an essential accessory and inebriation the optimal state for this strictly beautiful spectacle.

And an especially big hand for Richard Broadhurst who brought more than half-a-dozen BBC Micros, so that everyone could make sure to have that 80's gaming experience.

Organised and run by TNMOC Volunteers, the weekend was such a success that there are plans for another Vintage Games Event in August -- watch out for it during the Bytes Festival.

Here's a taster of the sort of game being played, courtesy of and designed by Richard Broadhurst:

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