A virtual Colossus?

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An international team of modelling experts who met on an internet forum is attempting to construct a virtual Colossus. The team plans to build a 3D, non-functioning, model of Colossus to view in stereo and even to walk around virtually. This may take some time ...

This month, Burkhard Theß from Köln in Germany came to TNMOC to investigate and photograph the Rebuild. He reports: "With this comprehensive collection of detailed shots we are now able to build the 3D models based on reference images. Many thanks to the TNMOC for making that possible."

Burkhard works in the internet industry, programming websites and developing databases for large clients including banks. His interest in Colossus was sparked by a Canadian member of the Forum who made him aware of the astonishing milestone in science and computing that Colossus represents.

The five-member international team is in the early stages of the project and hopes to have completed it in one year. But anyone with knowledge of the history of Colossus might think this a little optimistic. Could anyone ever match the speed of the 1940's Dollis Hill team which built the original under the unimaginable pressures of world war?

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