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Have you ever thought of volunteering as a guide at one of the world’s top museums of computing?

Sheridan Williams did and loves every minute of it. He especially enjoys meeting people and hearing and seeing their reactions to seventy years of computing.

“Computers have become so embedded in our everyday lives, it’s like explaining a little bit of life to visitors,” he says. “It might seem daunting, but as guides we have a script which we can develop as we wish, so that each guide can develop their own style. Often we get help from visitors who were once users of machines telling us about their particular experience and that can be absolutely fascinating.”

“Visitors come from all walks of life and some bring their computer-enthusiast partners as a special birthday treat. Usually they too get excited by what they see and tell me at the end of the tour that they thoroughly enjoyed it themselves.”

“It’s not always just about the exhibits,” says Sheridan. “Lots of people say the tours of the Museum bring back memories – nearly always good ones – and they start revealing them. It’s surprising how many couples met through computers! It all adds to interaction with the public and that’s a lot of fun.”

Nostalgia and learning are keys to the Museum’s success. “Everyone loves spotting the first computer they used – and many find it in the Museum and often can even get to use it again. But as a general rule, it seems that every generation is most interested in the technology that just precedes their own first computing experience.”

"My favourite experience was recently when a 15-year old girl spontaneously exclaimed to me “this is the best place I have ever been!”

Please get in touch if you would like to become a volunteer steward or guide

Contact volunteering@tnmoc.org

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