Volunteers' Week: Peter Vaughan

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At front of house and behind the scenes, TNMOC relies on volunteers. Peter Vaughan (pictured right) is one of those volunteers whose work is invaluable and his efforts have been recognised as part of Volunteers' Week.

Volunteering at TNMOC

Peter has been a volunteer as long as anyone can remember and been involved in many projects including the restoration of IRIS (air traffic control investigative radar system), the creation of the NATS Air Traffic Control Gallery and the restoration of the IBM 1130.

Over the past 6 years, Peter has also had a key role in dealing with equipment donations to the museum, ensuring important computing artefacts are not lost and are kept for future generations.

Recently, he took on the task of preparing the Tank Room to create additional onsite storage. That was hard physical work but a highly significant contribution to the Museum's development. He has also been instrumental in moving kit to TNMOC's offsite storage unit -- another very physical and unglamorous job!

These are the sorts of tasks that are essential to keep the Museum moving forward. The care and storage of collections are not the usual type of tasks volunteers like doing, so we salute Peter!

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