We're looking for old TVs. Can you help?

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Way back last century, well the late 1990s perhaps, LCD TVs were appearing in homes. They were tiny in comparison to their CRT predecessors and to their sucessors: today's wall-mounted screens. So, in the course of this century, you probably abandoned that piece of tech and it may be gathering dust in your loft preparing for that trip you promised to make to the recycling tip.

But, if it's the right type, we'd love to have it for retrogaming purposes. We are looking for small (portable) flat-screen LCD colour TVs that have one or more of the following. They don't need to be "first generation" - they just need to be small and lightweight. Anything that has its own remote control will be regarded with reverence!

  • old "telly aerial" or if you'd prefer a more technical description: a UHF coaxial cable socket

  • a SCART (the flimsy multiple flat pin rectangular-ish connector) - the one with the odd triangular end

  • red, white and yellow phono connectors (stereo audio and composite video)

  • green, blue and red phono connectors component video with stereo audio (red and white)

If you can help, please contact donations@tnmoc.org with the monitor details. (The email will give you an automated answer, but someone will get back to you soon.)

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