Women in Computing Tours

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Come along this week to Summer Bytes to experience TNMOC's Women In Computing test-bed tours. The free 30-minute tours are led by two female student guides, Amy and Grace, and take in the galleries from 1940's Colossus to the present highlighting the role of women throughout computing history.

They will tell you about fascinating characters who have transformed computing. From Grace Hopper who discovered the first computer bug (a moth) to Sophie Wilson whose silicon skills have found their way into almost everyone's smartphone.

The tours have been prepared by TNMOC Volunteer Jill Clarke and adapted by Amy and Grace who did further research into aspects which interest them most.

Your guides come from very different backgrounds and will give you a fascinating multi-faceted tour experience..

Amy Grainger, hailing from nearby Northampton, is in her second year of her Mechanical Engineering Degree Course at the University of Hull. Already she has received the Barnes Wallace Memorial Prize for best overall first year performance. She accidentally discovered her skills in engineering when she opted for engineering work experience, after her first choice of work experience in English fell through! She wants to be an engineer especially in projects that solve problems and move things around!

Grace Olsson, from Lincolnshire, will start studying Politics and Sociology at Sussex University this September having just received her excellent 'A' Level results. She is most interested in the political and historical side of computing. Her career plans are currently to boss politicians, perhaps as a political adviser!

As visitors will tell you, that combination of talents works well in tandem on the tour!

The tours run at regular times every afternoon until Sunday - check at the ticket office for the times when you arrive. There’s no need to book – and they are free as part of your general TNMOC entrance fee.

TNMOC plans to use these test-bed tours to develop full Women in Computing tours and to ensure aspects of them are embedded in every general TNMOC Tour.

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