YRS 2014 at TNMOC

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Dave Sussman reports back after YRS 2014, the event that marked the beginning of Summer Bytes Festival at TNMOC.

The participants were working on several projects::

  • a website that will allow you to query against the exam board data, to find commonly asked questions and solutions from past exams
  • a website showing a world map, allowing you to select countries and see the Fragility, Conflict and Violence details from the International Development Agency.
  • a travel application, showing you what’s around (pubs, shops, etc), when at bus stops and train stations, for those times when your train is late or cancelled
  • an application analysing tweets for weather information, to show current weather – crowd-sourced weather!

"We spent a very productive week coding, with some of the group getting close to finishing their applications to a level that were suitable for demonstration.

"On Friday we all travelled down to Plymouth University to join 600 or so other young people and there we continued coding and working on presentations until late in the night.

"Saturday morning saw the first heats, where two teams from TNMoC got through.

"The afternoon was the semi-finals, where one of our teams got through to the final.

"On Sunday morning, at the Plymouth Pavilion, we watched the final presentations, although sadly we didn’t win. Despite the lack of a win, all the youngsters have signed up again for next year.

"The event was so popular, we're thinking if we should do something similar on a more frequent basis."

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