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El Reg Summer Lecture

TNMOC Trustee Kevin Murrell to give a Reg Summer lecture The Register From cutting edge to museum piece

Colossus features in Collectaholics!

When BBC2 Collectaholics went to visit Jim Austin's vintage computer collection near York, they also took a trip to see the incredible Colossus Rebuild and produced an excellent summary of wartime code-breaking role.

CyberCenturion Final

Codes that Changed the World

TNMOC's Software Gallery features at the start of every episode of the BBC Radio 4 five-part series on Codes That Changed the World. And in the Cobol episode, there is an interview with TNMOC volunteer Jill Clarke.

The Register's review of the series.

Ways of Thinking

Chris Monk, the TNMOC Learning Programme and the WITCH feature in BBC Radio 4 Ways of Thinking

TNMOC Members' Day

UK's National Museum of Computing celebrates 10 glorious years in The Register

and a reprise in a weekly roundup.

Easter Bytes 2015

Colossus Operator tells her story

Nick Heath of TechRepublic talks to Bletchley women including Irene Dixon, operator of the very first Colossus -- and also the Heath Robinson.

TNMOC features in The Big Bang Fair Live Lesson

BBC presenter Clara Amfo presents the Live Lesson at The Big Bang Fair. TNMOC features in the video in segments between 23.30 to 27.56.

TNMOC's new Club


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