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The Hour of Code

Poland examines Colossus

Poland explores Colossus in wprost

TNMOC at the Movies

Did you notice parts of the EDSAC reconstruction as Christopher in Turing's bedroom in the The Imitation Game?

And TNMOC's Acorn computers in Paddington?

EDSAC Exhibit Opening

And overseas

The Imitation Game inspires coverage

The release of The Imitation Game about Alan Turing is generating coverage for TNMOC and the story of Lorenz and Colossus:

  • Turing’s Spirit Hovers at a Restored Estate in The New York Times
  • a photoessay taking in Colossus and Tunny by Mary-Ann Russon in International Business Times
  • The Real Story behind The Imitation Game by Caroline Baldwin in Computer Weekly
  • Tommy Flowers: The Forgotten Father of Computing? by Kathryn Cave in IDG Connect
  • The Imitation Game: inventing a new slander to insult Alan Turing by Alex von Tunzelmann in The Guardian
  • Breaking the Enigma code was the easiest part of the Nazi puzzle in The Daily Telegraph
  • Bletchley Park's unheard stories: The Imitation Game's female tech trailblazers in Computer Weekly
  • Why you should watch The Imitation Game and why you might want to skip it by Nick Heath in TechRepublic
  • Crypto then and now, with Colossus as"the true father of code cracking": Bill Buchanan of Edinburgh Napier University in The Conversation
  • 10 Things You Need To Know About The Imitation Game in Buzzfeed
  • A Colossus veteran and friend of TNMOC sees the film in Lynn News

The future of museums

Is there a future for the traditional museum? TNMOC Chairman Tim Reynolds quoted in The Independent

2014 Tony Sale Award for computer conservation

Although not strictly TNMOC in the news, it does cover TNMOC's co-founder and Colossus Rebuild team rebuilder Tony Sale, and there is often a mention of TNMOC:

  • Report on the BBC World Service Click Podcast starts at 19 mins 43 sec features interviews with the winners
  • Computer conservation diversity by James Hayes in E&T Magazine
  • The world's greatest computer restoration projects by Nick Heath in TechRepublic
  • Jack Schofield on this year's Tony Sale Award winners in ZDNet with ZDNet in Germany and Japan too!
  • Sue Gee on the awards in iProgrammer
  • and in several outlets in Mexico including this

Ocado Technology sponsors coding sessions at TNMOC

Sixty years of desktop progress

Kevin Murrell quoted in Gareth Halfacree's article on the history of desktop computing


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