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Royal Mail issues Colossus stamp

  • MK News ROYAL MAIL: New stamp celebrates Colossus computer built at Bletchley Park and now celebrated at The National Museum of Computing
  • MK Web
  • IDG Connect 5 Reasons I’m chuffed by the UK’s new Colossus stamp by Kathryn Cave
  • Destination MK
  • ZDNet
  • The Register Tommy Flowers and his valves: their part in Hitler's downfall

Matt Parker's Imitation Archive takes shape

Matt Parker interviewed on BBC World Service Click about progress with his archiving and artistic project. (Audio starts at 19 mins 20 sec in.)

Bill Tutte honoured

In University of Waterloo Annual Report: "Professor William Tutte, a founding member of Waterloo’s Faculty of Mathematics and the world-leading combinatorics program, has recently been acknowledged for his instrumental role in deciphering the Lorenz cipher while at Bletchley Park during the Second World War. Pictured: Reconstruction of British Tunny machine based on Tutte’s mathematical insights, The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park".

Vintage computers as investments?

Are vintage computers investments? Robert Dowell of TNMOC talks to BBC News Your Money. Video clip starts at 5 mins 20 sec and also online in text

Rare part of EDSAC reappears in the USA

  • BBC News Online Lost chunk of pioneering Edsac computer found
  • The Register Parts for Brit proto-mainframe EDSAC show up in USA , Botched bookshelf bound for Bletchley after beating scrap merchants
  • Youngzine for younger readers
  • CNET Rare part for groundbreaking 1949 British computer found in US
  • Cambridge News Parts of one of the world’s first computer could be hidden in Cambridge
  • MK News Very rare part of one of the world's oldest computers is coming to Milton Keynes
  • MK CitiBlog Rare part of one of the world’s first computers donated to TNMOC
  • E&T Magazine Lost part of UK’s pioneering computer found
  • The Engineer Rare, Historic Computer Parts Become Part of Milestone Computer Reconstruction
  • Gizmag Historic EDSAC computer component becomes part of reconstruction
  • The Inquirer Rare Edsac post-WWII computer part surfaces in the US
  • iProgrammer EDSAC Chassis Rediscovered
  • Computer Business Review Historic Edsac Computer Part Found After 60 Years
  • BizTech Mojo Lost Part of Pioneering 1940s EDSAC Computer Found in USA
  • Market Business News Original part of one of the world’s first computers resurfaces in the USA
  • Chassis 1A part from early computer resurfaces
  • Perfect Science Rare parts of a 1949 British computer found in US
  • The Times of India Rare original part of EDSAC, one of world’s first computers resurfaces
  • Business Standard Lost chunk of pioneering UK computer found in America
  • ABC News Australia Blast From the Past: Part Belonging to One of World's First Computers Found
  • DR in Denmark Forskere finder sjælden del af ældgammel computer
  • Golem in Germany Seltenes Bauteil in den USA gefunden
  • Ruangpojok in Indonesia SAC computer Almost Ended So Bookshelf (says Google Translate!)

Archiving the sounds of 70 years of computing

EDSAC on BBC Radio Suffolk

Excellent interview by James Hazell with Andrew Herbert about EDSAC on BBC Radio Suffolk - Starts at 2hr 35min 20sec. Available for about one month.

Picking up where The Imitation Game ends

Colossus cameo

Colossus made a cameo appearance on BBC South Today following an interview with Colossus veteran Marigold Attwood, one of the "Debs of Bletchley".

The growth of computer conservation

Doron Swade and the winners of the Tony Sale Award talk to Mark Ward of BBC News Online about the interest in computer conservation as the Computer Conservation Society, close partner of TNMOC celebrates its silver jubilee.


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