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Easter Bytes 2015

Colossus Operator tells her story

Nick Heath of TechRepublic talks to Bletchley women including Irene Dixon, operator of the very first Colossus -- and also the Heath Robinson.

TNMOC features in The Big Bang Fair Live Lesson

BBC presenter Clara Amfo presents the Live Lesson at The Big Bang Fair. TNMOC features in the video in segments between 23.30 to 27.56.

TNMOC's new Club

  • MK News New club created for computer fans in Milton Keynes.
  • MK CitiBlog Join a new club at The National Museum of Computing

In MK's Top Ten tourist attractions

MK Web and described by one visitor as "a wonderful trip down memory lane for me seeing computers that I had used in the past and my experiences of them. Well worth the extra fee, a history that we should all support. The volunteers were most helpful and knowledgeable."

The Imitation Archive

The Rotary Challenge in the home of challenges

Royal Mail issues Colossus stamp

  • MK News ROYAL MAIL: New stamp celebrates Colossus computer built at Bletchley Park and now celebrated at The National Museum of Computing
  • MK Web
  • IDG Connect 5 Reasons I’m chuffed by the UK’s new Colossus stamp by Kathryn Cave
  • Destination MK
  • ZDNet
  • The Register Tommy Flowers and his valves: their part in Hitler's downfall

Matt Parker's Imitation Archive takes shape

Matt Parker interviewed on BBC World Service Click about progress with his archiving and artistic project. (Audio starts at 19 mins 20 sec in.)

Bill Tutte honoured

In University of Waterloo Annual Report: "Professor William Tutte, a founding member of Waterloo’s Faculty of Mathematics and the world-leading combinatorics program, has recently been acknowledged for his instrumental role in deciphering the Lorenz cipher while at Bletchley Park during the Second World War. Pictured: Reconstruction of British Tunny machine based on Tutte’s mathematical insights, The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park".


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