TNMOC in the news

Easter Bytes 2016

Rediscovery of Dead WITCH portrait

BBC QI with Stephen Fry

M for Misconceptions: had TNMOC artefacts appearing on QI with Stephen Fry peeking through the centre of the largest -- and we mean large -- hard disc in the TMOC collection. On BBC iPlayer starting at about 6 min 30 sec in.
And if you can't see it online, here is the synopsis.

Learning Programme reviewed

A Review of TNMOC's Learning Programme in Educationista

BT advert creates a stir

Martin Campbell-Kelly quoted on internet history on BBC News Online and reminds us of NPL's role as shown in TNMOC's Technology of the Internet Gallery.


KidRated Half Term Picks Feb 2016 on The Gaby Roslin Show on 14 Feb 2016

Fujitsu Innovation Hub planned for TNMOC

Why computers must sleep

The Harwell Dekatron / WITCH as the first known computer to have had a sleep mode in Motherboard Vice.

MK's safer Internet Day

Three things to do in MK today


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