TNMOC in the news

The impact of the mouse

Kevin Murrell on location from Dublin with a marvellous River Liffey backdrop contributes to a BBC World TV conversation about the impact of the concept of the mousde invented by the recently deceased Doug Engelbart. The broadcast reaches a potential 370 million homes. (No link unfortunately.)

The Register's Geek Guide

The Register takes a look around TNMOC for its Geek Guide

EDSAC milestone for Wilkes' Centenary

Demo shows off first parts of EDSAC rebuild by the BBC
Computer Weekly on the Wilkes EDSAC celebrations
Recreation of 1940s Edsac Computer has First Demo in International Business Times
Drunken delay lines in The Register
Hauser consortium revives the spirit of Wilkes in Cambridge Business Weekly Software Gallery Opening

WITCH revisited 40 years on

@Citizen Craig reports in the MK Citizen
Print feature (not online) in Friday's Wolverhampton Express and Star by Tom Mason.
A report for the University of Wolverhampton itself.

What TNMOC would quite like at auction

Kevin Murrell on the significance of the Apple I auction in Computer Weekly

Electronica fundraiser album strikes a chord

1980s Electronica fundraiser album strikes a chord with:
BBC News Online with a photo of the software synthesiser.
PC Pro with a sample of the music.
The Register
MK Citizen
Culture 24
Channel Biz
Sonic State
Tech Week europe

Escape To the Country

Colossus and TNMOC is featured at the start of BBC TV's Escape To the Country. TNMOC is not the "mystery house" nor even the safe house.

Ted Cooke-Yarborough obituary

The Daily Telegraph's obituary of Ted Cooke-Yarborogh, lead designer of the Harwell Dekatron computer now a star attraction at TNMOC, reveals more about his life.


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