TNMOC in the news

Electronica fundraiser album strikes a chord

1980s Electronica fundraiser album strikes a chord with:
BBC News Online with a photo of the software synthesiser.
PC Pro with a sample of the music.
The Register
MK Citizen
Culture 24
Channel Biz
Sonic State
Tech Week europe

Escape To the Country

Colossus and TNMOC is featured at the start of BBC TV's Escape To the Country. TNMOC is not the "mystery house" nor even the safe house.

Ted Cooke-Yarborough obituary

The Daily Telegraph's obituary of Ted Cooke-Yarborogh, lead designer of the Harwell Dekatron computer now a star attraction at TNMOC, reveals more about his life.

A new audience for TNMOC

In March Manoto 1 TV, a Farsi (Persian) language channel broadcasting to a huge worldwide audience featured a 15 minute segment on a few Galleries in TNMOC.

Computer conservation across the world

The Strange Beauty of Historic Computers Brought Back From the Dead Wired reports on computer conservation at TNMOC, elsewhere in the UK and the USA -- good pictures.

Vital valves for the Colossus Rebuild

With the help of local media, 100 hard-to-get valves arrived from Langrex: Good picture in MK News and interview on BBC Three Counties Radio.

And further south in Langrex home territory, the West Sussex County Times reports.

Revealing the secret of Colossus

BBC reports on The road to uncovering a wartime Colossus, a presentation by Prof Brian Randell in the Colossus gallery at TNMOC.

Computer Weekly's take on the presentation.

A Guinness World Record

Recognition of the Harwell Dekatron / WITCH computer as the oldest working digital computer in the world has been widely greeted:

BBC News Online
The Register - "Brit 2.5-tonne nuke calculator is World's Oldest Working Computer."
Oxford Mail with a strong local angle.
as well as a number of radio interviews.
MK Citizen at the TNMOC Open Evening for businesses when the Record was announced.
MK News
Culture 24

The return of EDSAC

The news that the EDSAC Replica Project has moved from research to development stage has been widely greeted in the media:

The BBC made an excellent video of the new production process and included interviews with Hermann Hauser, Andrew Herbert and David Hartley.

And audio on BBC Click with interesting commentary by Bill Thompson.

Indepth interview with project manager Andrew Herbert on BBC Radio 5 Live podcast.

There was also coverage in:
The Telegraph
The Register
Silicon Republic
The Inquirer
And in Poland, the Carribean, and Malaysia to name but a few other parts of the world.
There is more in the pipeline.


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