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Tony Sale award for computer conservation

  • BBC News - Tony Sale: Computer restoration memorial prize launched

  • ZDNet - Tony Sale Award to recognise computer conservation

  • Women in Technology - Award dedicated to Colossus creator Tony Sale

  • Computer Active - Award set up in memory of leading British computer engineer

  • The Register - CCS to dish out Tony Sale award for computer restoration

  • I Programmer Award Established for Computer Conservation

Turing and his times

The TNMOC Turing and His Times event gave fascinating insights into the life and times of Alan Turing.

ZDNet at The National Museum of Computing

The staff of ZDNet decamped to TNMOC for the day - read what happened.

New Colossus Gallery

Turing and his Times


  • The Guardian - Girls and coding: female peer pressure scares them off.

The Creation of the First Computer in the World

  • BBC World - Cómo se creó la primera computadora electrónica del mundo.

The Four Generations of Computers

on BBC1's Bang Goes The Theory

Rasberry Pi


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