TNMOC in the news


  • The Guardian - Girls and coding: female peer pressure scares them off.

The Creation of the First Computer in the World

  • BBC World - Cómo se creó la primera computadora electrónica del mundo.

The Four Generations of Computers

on BBC1's Bang Goes The Theory

Rasberry Pi

Turing centenary

  • Milton Keynes Citizen - National Museum of Computing part of three museum talks to celebrate Alan Turing

  • bit-tech - Computing museums team up for Turing centenary

Fundraising for the new Colossus gallery

  • Culture 24 - Colossus machine gets new gallery at Bletchley Park's National Museum of Computing

  • The Register - Virtual Nazi-code-cracking Colossus in fundraising appeal

  • Response Source - New gallery for the rebuild of Colossus, the world's first modern computer, gets underway -- how to play your part

  • Forbes - the computer that helped defeat the Nazis needs your aid

  • Tecca - Save the world's first computer from the trash bin - article with video

  • BCS - Colossus to feature in gallery

  • The Register - Virtual Nazi-code-cracking Colossus in fundraising appeal

The new Colossus gallery

  • BBC - Rebuilding the codebreaking computer Colossus at Bletchley Park

  • New Gallery for famous Colossus - Milton Keynes Citizen

  • ZDNet - Sponsor a Colossus valve to help Museum of Computing

  • Public asked to sponsor Colossus gallery - Women in Technology

  • Turing pardon rejected as Bletchley Park turns to finding Colossus sponsors - TechWeek Europe


  • Lots of shots inside TNMOC on BBC Newsnight on cybersecurity - 33 mins, 35 secs in.

TNMOC in the top ten computer science teaching resources


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