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The return of EDSAC

The news that the EDSAC Replica Project has moved from research to development stage has been widely greeted in the media:

The BBC made an excellent video of the new production process and included interviews with Hermann Hauser, Andrew Herbert and David Hartley.

And audio on BBC Click with interesting commentary by Bill Thompson.

Indepth interview with project manager Andrew Herbert on BBC Radio 5 Live podcast.

There was also coverage in:
The Telegraph
The Register
Silicon Republic
The Inquirer
And in Poland, the Carribean, and Malaysia to name but a few other parts of the world.
There is more in the pipeline.

Intrepid Astrid

Intrepid Astrid Byro is raising funds for TNMOC -- and showing the power of today's technology.

The WITCH casts her global spell

The world's reaction to the efforts of TNMOC volunteers in rebooting the Harwell Dekatron / WITCH computer and making it the oldest original working digital computer on the planet has been rather special. Thanks to journalists everywhere! And thanks to everyone who posted interesting comments on the articles.

It started with a marvellous video and article on BBC News Online where it was its top technology story all reboot day.

Then the UK national press got going:
Commuters woke up to a page 3 splash in The Metro which was even bigger and better than their online version.
The Telegraph
The Sun (p20)
The Daily Mirror
The Daily Mail
The Times (24 Nov) on page 39
Wall Street Journal Tech Blog and page 2 of the paper Sunday 25 November.

ITV Anglia came to film the event and produced an excellent piece.
Discovery Channel came from Canada.
And TNMOC's own clip of the reboot has gone viral on You Tube

Local and national radio programmes broadcast reports with some cracking interviews with Kevin Murrell and Delwyn Holroyd.
BBC Click with Kevin Murrell interviewed by Bill Thompson
BBC World Service interviews and report by Mark Gregory
BBC Radio 4 Material World

The local press from areas with particular associations with the WITCH wrote some really interesting articles and included their own photographs:
Express and Star in Wolverhampton with a great one-page spread by Helen Brown and an editorial plus a modern take on the famous picture.
Oxford Mail by Andrew Smith who was there to talk to two of the designers who still live near Harwell.
Newbury Weekly News where Bart Fossey of the fabled race lives.
Milton Keynes Citizen.

Technical zines had a field day:
The Register good in-depth piece by Gavin Clarke
PC Pro by Nicole who was there and wrote a very good piece!
bit-tech Boing Boing
Tech Week Europe
The Inquirer
E&T Magazine.

Meantime the story was going global. To name but a few:
CNET in Australia.
CNN in the USA.
Fox News in the USA.
San Francisco Chronicle in the USA.
The Huffington Post.
El Liberal in Colombia.
El Nacional in Venezuela.
Aftenposten in Norway.
Layaoba in Taiwan.
Hirado in Hungary.
Knack datanews in Belgium.
Krone in Austria.
G1 in Brazil.
Habrhabr in Russia.
Heise in Germany.
Der Spiegel in Germany.

Schools' learning resources at TNMOC

Where in London can I learn about the history of computers and computing?

Where in London can I learn about the history of computers and computing? asks the Telegraph. And TNMOC is included, even though it is "up the M1". Not completely open to the public every day though: opening times.

Tommy Flowers' Wartime Diary

David Hartley appointed Museum Director

Asti's Everest Challenge for TNMOC

  • IT pro to storm Everest in Bletchley Park cash quest in The Register

  • Join 'Astrid's Bloody Challenge' to Everest Base Camp* MK News

3Museums events on Turing

Bletchley Park: where government started computing

Steve Mathieson takes a tour of TNMOC for The Guardian Government Computing and unearths surprises.


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