TNMOC in the news

Domesday Touchtable

  • BBC Domesday Touchtable unveiled at TNMOC video demo

  • ZDNet - Domesday giant multitouch table - news article and photos

  • ZDNet - Domesday multitouch table - news article and photos

  • ZDNet - Domesday reloaded - news article and photos

  • Mail Online - background information about the Domesday project with photos

  • Silicon - news article and photos

  • Techcrunch - news article and photos

  • The Register - news article

  • Women in Technology - news article on BBC Domesday project

  • Public Technology - 1986 Domesday crowdsourcing work preserved

  • Gizmodo - BBC evidence of ancient British life

Olympic Torch to visit Bletchley Park

  • The Register - news article

Code-Breakers: Bletchley Park's Lost Heroes

  • BBC - with information and clips

  • Women in Technology - news article

Tributes to Gil Hayward

Tributes to Tony Sale

  • BBC News Online - with video clips of Colossus and George the Robot..

  • BBC TV News - with video.

  • BBC Outriders -- podcast interview with Andy Clark about Tony.

  • Guardian obituary by Martin Campbell-Kelly.

  • Full-page obituary in The Times (paywall link 1 Sep - page 53 in print version).

  • Financial Times obituary (need to register, but it's possible to register for free) 3 Sept 2011

  • BBC Radio 4 Today programme - interview with Andy Clark.

  • Helen Currie's letter to The Guardian A True Colossus 3 Sept 2011

  • BBC Three Counties Radio - interview with Kevin Murrell at 2hrs 48mins on 31 August 2011 plus interviews with Andy Clark on BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Devon.

  • BBC World Service Science in Action interview with Kevin Murrell -- audio clip, starts 14 mins, 40 sec in.

  • The Daily Express, The Scotsman

  • BBC England - Codebreakers remember Tony Sale

  • Jack Schofield on Tony Sale's work

  • ZDNet, ComputerActive, The Register, Thinq, Computer Weekly.


Tunny Gallery opening

  • BBC News Online video at the opening including interview with former ATS Helen Currie.

  • James Hayes' video report for E&T Magazine including interview with Testery Shift Leader Capt Jerry Roberts.

  • Clive Akass of The Inquirer talks to the veterans at the Tunny launch and describes the error that helped cracked the code.

  • Leila Makki of Telecom TV video interviews at the launch.

  • Computer Weekly on "The Computers that Won the War" Photo gallery.

  • Tom Espiner of ZDNet interviews John Whetter on the detail of the Tunny rebuild plus photo gallery.

  • Wired on the unveiling of Tunny. Photo gallery.

  • on Tunny Gallery. Photo gallery.

  • David McClelland on the opening event in

  • Techwatch on what "might look like the abandoned lovechild of a kitchen dresser and a filing cabinet (but) it was an extremely important part of the Second World War".

  • Also: The Register, Thinq, BBC England, Culture24, ComputerActive, The Engineer and the Littlehampton Gazette!

  • Three Counties Radio interview with Andy Clark (1hr 39 min in) online for about 7 days

  • Radio Scotland interview with John Whetter (c56 mins in) online for about 7 days

  • BBC World Service World Briefing (c21 mins in) online for about 7 days.

  • Also reported on Canada Radio, India, Pakistan, New Zealand.

Domesday Reloaded 25 years on

  • Chris Monk interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio about seeing Domesday Project on its original 1980's laser disc equipment at TNMOC

  • BBC News Online takes a peek.

  • Gareth Halfacree of Thinq thinks there's only one way to see Domesday.

Acorn history

  • Rupert Goodwins of ZDNet looks at the history of Acorn computing through a photogallery of a temporary display at TNMOC.

BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live


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