TNMOC in the news

TNMOC -- a National Treasure says Micro Mart

  • Kevin Murrell interviewed in Micromart 4-page feature (not on web). Issue 1112, 24-30 June 2010, p32-36.

BBC Click at the Vintage Computer Festival at TNMOC

bit-tech at the VCF

  • four section feature with lots of pictures from Hacking & Modding to Gaming & Speeches to The AmigaOne X1000 & Chiptunes &Synthpop.

BBC Radio 5 Outriders podcast at the VCF

  • BBC

  • and an article and a YouTube video too.

ZDNet at the VCF

  • and in the first of its photogalleries.

Wired at the VCF in pictures

  • Keyboard colours aren't what they used to be and other assorted gems.

Vintage computers inspire next generation of scientists - BBC News Online

The Register and The Inquirer on the Amiga launch at the VCF

  • Transputers and the new Amiga.

Retro machines festival is more than just old fun and games: The Inquirer

  • Clive Akass is shocked "to see products barely two decades old looking like something from another age".

Retro tweeting at the Vintage Computer Festival

  • It's Twitter not Jet Set Willy for Techradar on the ZX Spectrum at the VCF.


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