TNMOC in the news

TNMOC Welsh tour

  • Channel 4 Wales Y Lle Feiral visits TNMOC to inform Welsh-speaking youth. 14 minutes in.

Computer museums in the UK

  • Jack Schofield considers the need for a computer museum in Cambridge and extols the virtues of TNMOC.

VCF from an exhibitor's perspective

  • In its last hurrah as a magazine 300 Baud magazine includes a report on the Vintage Computer Festival from an exhibitor's perspective.

Plans to recreate EDSAC

  • Welcomed by BBC News Online: Pioneering computer to be rebuilt, plus Computer Weekly, ZDNet, The Register, and many many more.

George the Robot comes to TNMOC

  • George's arrival is videoed by BBC News Online and his history told in The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph with mentions in The Sun, The Daily Mirror and Metro.

  • Reported sightings on BBC and Anglia News. And on the Radio 4 Today programme. And commented upon by Silicon Republic, Switched, Anorac, MK Today, The Register, Gizmodo, CNet, Pocket-Lint, Sixtyplusurfers and of course Pathe News Archive also enjoyed the re-run.

  • And now seems to be touring the world with recent sitings in Argentina, the Netherlands, Romania and Turkey.

"The place where ZX Spectrums never die."

  • Later than most, but nonetheless very welcome report on the VCF by Jamie Middleton of Techradar.

Media welcomes £100k donation from Bletchley Park Capital Partners to TNMOC

  • BBC News Online; Electronics Weekly; ComputerActive; THINQ; IET; EETimes; M&H Online; Which?; Computer Weekly to name some.

BBC Radio 4 In Business visits TNMOC

Kevin Murrell and Tony Sale were interviewed by In Business presenter Peter Day for Chips off the Old Block. Peter was obviously enthused by his visit as you can hear ... and read: "The National Computing Museum is both a moving and an instructive trip into a recent past. It's also a reminder of how important British specialists were to the spread of computing as we know it today."

BBC Micros comeback -- teaching programming to students

TNMOC -- a National Treasure says Micro Mart

  • Kevin Murrell interviewed in Micromart 4-page feature (not on web). Issue 1112, 24-30 June 2010, p32-36.


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