TNMOC in the news


Tunny Gallery opening

  • BBC News Online video at the opening including interview with former ATS Helen Currie.

  • James Hayes' video report for E&T Magazine including interview with Testery Shift Leader Capt Jerry Roberts.

  • Clive Akass of The Inquirer talks to the veterans at the Tunny launch and describes the error that helped cracked the code.

  • Leila Makki of Telecom TV video interviews at the launch.

  • Computer Weekly on "The Computers that Won the War" Photo gallery.

  • Tom Espiner of ZDNet interviews John Whetter on the detail of the Tunny rebuild plus photo gallery.

  • Wired on the unveiling of Tunny. Photo gallery.

  • on Tunny Gallery. Photo gallery.

  • David McClelland on the opening event in

  • Techwatch on what "might look like the abandoned lovechild of a kitchen dresser and a filing cabinet (but) it was an extremely important part of the Second World War".

  • Also: The Register, Thinq, BBC England, Culture24, ComputerActive, The Engineer and the Littlehampton Gazette!

  • Three Counties Radio interview with Andy Clark (1hr 39 min in) online for about 7 days

  • Radio Scotland interview with John Whetter (c56 mins in) online for about 7 days

  • BBC World Service World Briefing (c21 mins in) online for about 7 days.

  • Also reported on Canada Radio, India, Pakistan, New Zealand.

Domesday Reloaded 25 years on

  • Chris Monk interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio about seeing Domesday Project on its original 1980's laser disc equipment at TNMOC

  • BBC News Online takes a peek.

  • Gareth Halfacree of Thinq thinks there's only one way to see Domesday.

Acorn history

  • Rupert Goodwins of ZDNet looks at the history of Acorn computing through a photogallery of a temporary display at TNMOC.

BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live

TNMOC Welsh tour

  • Channel 4 Wales Y Lle Feiral visits TNMOC to inform Welsh-speaking youth. 14 minutes in.

Computer museums in the UK

  • Jack Schofield considers the need for a computer museum in Cambridge and extols the virtues of TNMOC.

VCF from an exhibitor's perspective

  • In its last hurrah as a magazine 300 Baud magazine includes a report on the Vintage Computer Festival from an exhibitor's perspective.

Plans to recreate EDSAC

  • Welcomed by BBC News Online: Pioneering computer to be rebuilt, plus Computer Weekly, ZDNet, The Register, and many many more.

George the Robot comes to TNMOC

  • George's arrival is videoed by BBC News Online and his history told in The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph with mentions in The Sun, The Daily Mirror and Metro.

  • Reported sightings on BBC and Anglia News. And on the Radio 4 Today programme. And commented upon by Silicon Republic, Switched, Anorac, MK Today, The Register, Gizmodo, CNet, Pocket-Lint, Sixtyplusurfers and of course Pathe News Archive also enjoyed the re-run.

  • And now seems to be touring the world with recent sitings in Argentina, the Netherlands, Romania and Turkey.


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