TNMOC in the news

Inside TNMOC

  • Nigel Kendall of The Times is intrigued by the smell of TNMOC: "electronic valves heating up and burning off dust ... the smell of my grandmother's living room." (Registration required for access to The Times).

Analogue gadgets back in fashion in a digital age

OMD at Vintage Computer Festival

  • Vintage Computer Festival recruits OMD for synthpop loveliness -- The Register.

Kevin Murrell interviewed on BBC Radio London by Robert Elms on the history of computing

"The Brits that built the tech behind the internet" -- video

  • Kevin Murrell and Lin Jones in starring roles at TNMOC explaining packet switching.

TNMOC blog starts on Computer Weekly

  • Random Access Memories. First one on The Golden Age of Computing. But when?

Ford of Europe donates Wang computer to TNMOC

How the Brits invented packet switching and made the internet possible frim Computer Weekly

  • Includes video of Brian Aldous of NPL in TNMOC Technology of the Internet Gallery.

BBC features on the history of computing

Codebreaker Capt Jerry Roberts video interviewed at TNMOC by Computer Weekly plus article

  • Sitting in front of Colossus, Capt Roberts sings the praises of Tutte and Flowers.


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