TNMOC in the news

Retro machines festival is more than just old fun and games: The Inquirer

  • Clive Akass is shocked "to see products barely two decades old looking like something from another age".

Retro tweeting at the Vintage Computer Festival

  • It's Twitter not Jet Set Willy for Techradar on the ZX Spectrum at the VCF.

BBC radio visits the Vintage Computer Festival

  • BBC Radio 4 BH programme reports on Saturday at the VCF -- available until next Saturday 54 minutes in

Inside TNMOC

  • Nigel Kendall of The Times is intrigued by the smell of TNMOC: "electronic valves heating up and burning off dust ... the smell of my grandmother's living room." (Registration required for access to The Times).

Analogue gadgets back in fashion in a digital age

OMD at Vintage Computer Festival

  • Vintage Computer Festival recruits OMD for synthpop loveliness -- The Register.

Kevin Murrell interviewed on BBC Radio London by Robert Elms on the history of computing

"The Brits that built the tech behind the internet" -- video

  • Kevin Murrell and Lin Jones in starring roles at TNMOC explaining packet switching.

TNMOC blog starts on Computer Weekly

  • Random Access Memories. First one on The Golden Age of Computing. But when?

Ford of Europe donates Wang computer to TNMOC


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