TNMOC in the news

Readers respond to Jack Schofield's article on TNMOC

  • "The trouble is that industrial history isn't sexy ..."

  • "I strongly recommend the British institution stays in close touch with the California team. I know that they will help the newer group to sidestep the landmines that plagued us in the early years ..."

Classic computers on the danger list says New Scientist

  • Tom Simonite on the world's three computing museums highlighting Colossus at TNMOC (video) some good pictures of the big three.

The Guardian's Jack Schofield California Dreamin': A tale of two computer museums

  • "A rational government would look at TNMOC's impressive progress in only four years and chuck it a few quid."

The Inquirer tours a museum where visitors get to touch the exhibits

  • Stewart Meagher enjoys a museum where "the simplest of questions sends volunteers scurrying off in all directions, returning moments later with defunct and occasionally smouldering components, circuit diagrams and fragments of ancient punch tape".

V3 takes users on a photo tour of TNMOC

  • V3 takes users on a photo tour of TNMOC

WITCH, BBC Science Cafe

  • Kevin Murrell interviewed about the WITCH on BBC Science Cafe (BBC iPlayer link for UK listeners for the next seven days -- about 4 minutes in)

Harwell / WITCH computer arrives at TNMOC for restoration

  • Jack Schofield of The Guardian on the WITCH that ain't dead.

  • BBC News Online researches WITCH's past.

  • BBC News Online video Kevin Murrell interviewed during the arrival of WITCH at TNMOC.

  • on restoring a granddaddy of computers.

  • Wired on the machine that is to roar back to life.

  • ITWire wishes TNMOC luck in creating its latest great new exhibit.

  • Computer Weekly and Electronics Weekly on world's oldest computer comes back to life.

  • Ahh Slashdot!

  • Picture of the Day on New Scientist for today only, subsequently here.

  • The Register on the computing equivalent of raising the Mary Rose.

  • ZDNet with a nice hat-tip to the first WITCH restoration sponsor,

  • CNET on the restoration.

  • ITPro on the machine "that shows how great Great Britain can be in the field of technology".

  • Techwatch on "the machine that took ten seconds to do one sum"..

  • The Inquirer on the machine that replaced "the clackety-clackety-kerchunk mechanical calculators you see in old movies".

  • Wolverhampton Express and Star from the area where WITCH last functioned in 1973.

Follow in the footsteps of geeks

  • Thompson of the BBC says ... First stop, of course, has to be 51° 59' 47.44" N, 0° 44' 33.94" W - better known as Bletchley Park, home of the British code breaking efforts during the Second World War and now also the location of the fabulous National Museum of Computing.

Myleene Klass at TNMOC beginning a CNN feature on piracy

  • CNN came to film two weeks ago, drawn by the allure of so many vintage computers. TNMOC clip starts at one minute in.

Jack Schofield of The Guardian with a classic headline about Tony Sale's PhD

  • Jack Schofield of The Guardian with a classic headline about Tony Sale's PhD


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