TNMOC in the news

How the Brits invented packet switching and made the internet possible frim Computer Weekly

  • Includes video of Brian Aldous of NPL in TNMOC Technology of the Internet Gallery.

BBC features on the history of computing

Codebreaker Capt Jerry Roberts video interviewed at TNMOC by Computer Weekly plus article

  • Sitting in front of Colossus, Capt Roberts sings the praises of Tutte and Flowers.

Growing media interest in Vintage Computer Festival

  • In BusinessCulture, Pocket-Lint, Culture24 showing a wonderful dated picture, Emoiz,

Digital Doomsday: the end of knowledge in New Scientist

  • TNMOC trustee Kevin Murrell features talking about longevity of hard discs.

Colossus features as one of history's great objects

  • as selected by the BBC and The British Museum.

Tony Sale on the regeneration of Bletchley Park in The OU Community Online

  • Director and trustee of TNMOC talks about his time at Bletchley Park.

Nick Heath of takes a look at the tech at the heart of the internet

  • The low-down on the beginnings of internet technology with lots of images.

Maggie Holland has a Q&A session about Colossus with Tony Sale in IT Pro

  • "Colossus was the first production computer [of its kind] as there were 10 of them here." And a few photos.

Technology of the Internet gallery opens

  • The Institute of Engineering and Technology magazine:Technology of the Internet gallery is world first.

  • The Institute of Engineering & Technology blog: packets aren't just for sweets.

  • The Inquirer: The gallery was opened on December 4th in the presence of the world's press and as lively a gang of OAPs as your ever likely to encounter ...

  • Milton Keynes Citizen: Thought the internet started overseas? Think again...

  • Computeractive: Gallery shows how early communications technologies led to the internet.

  • ITPro: Computing museum celebrates history of the internet

  • Australian PC Authority: Museum unearths WWW origins

  • More at: NST, Yahoo Brazil


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