TNMOC in the news

Nick Heath of takes a look at the tech at the heart of the internet

  • The low-down on the beginnings of internet technology with lots of images.

Maggie Holland has a Q&A session about Colossus with Tony Sale in IT Pro

  • "Colossus was the first production computer [of its kind] as there were 10 of them here." And a few photos.

Technology of the Internet gallery opens

  • The Institute of Engineering and Technology magazine:Technology of the Internet gallery is world first.

  • The Institute of Engineering & Technology blog: packets aren't just for sweets.

  • The Inquirer: The gallery was opened on December 4th in the presence of the world's press and as lively a gang of OAPs as your ever likely to encounter ...

  • Milton Keynes Citizen: Thought the internet started overseas? Think again...

  • Computeractive: Gallery shows how early communications technologies led to the internet.

  • ITPro: Computing museum celebrates history of the internet

  • Australian PC Authority: Museum unearths WWW origins

  • More at: NST, Yahoo Brazil

Colossus features on BBC's Antiques Roadshow

  • but they didn't dare value it! (Link won't work for non-UK users and is only available on iPlayer for seven days).

Jack Schofield reports in The Guardian on Sir Maurice Wilkes' visit to TNMOC

  • Walk round The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park and sooner or later you'll hear a cry of recognition and someone will say: "I remember using one of those." It probably doesn't happen often to The Millionaire, a mechanical calculator that went into production in 1893, but Sir Maurice Wilkes spotted it, adding: "We used to have one in the lab. I hope it's still there."

Read the rest of Jack Schofield's article

Readers respond to Jack Schofield's article on TNMOC

  • "The trouble is that industrial history isn't sexy ..."

  • "I strongly recommend the British institution stays in close touch with the California team. I know that they will help the newer group to sidestep the landmines that plagued us in the early years ..."

Classic computers on the danger list says New Scientist

  • Tom Simonite on the world's three computing museums highlighting Colossus at TNMOC (video) some good pictures of the big three.

The Guardian's Jack Schofield California Dreamin': A tale of two computer museums

  • "A rational government would look at TNMOC's impressive progress in only four years and chuck it a few quid."

The Inquirer tours a museum where visitors get to touch the exhibits

  • Stewart Meagher enjoys a museum where "the simplest of questions sends volunteers scurrying off in all directions, returning moments later with defunct and occasionally smouldering components, circuit diagrams and fragments of ancient punch tape".


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