TNMOC in the news

MK turns 50

Youngsters celebrate city’s milestone birthday in MK Citizen

Fifty years of computing in Milton Keynes

Really QI in MK Business p40

Jewish codebreakers who helped win the war

The secret story of the Jewish codebreakers who helped win the war in the Jewish Chronicle

EDSAC and Joyce Wheeler

Programming in the early days of the computer age in BBC News

MK @ 50 Weekend

MK residents celebrate

Tommy Flowers and Newham College

Paddy visits Flowers' former college and wonders why this local hero isn't as well remembered as his colleague Alan Turing on BBC Radio 4

Christmas Bytes 2016

BBC Micro turns 35

iProgrammer on the BBC Micro turning 35

Birth Of The Internet

Birth Of The Internet, Instant Replay, Computer Mouse, and Ada Lovelace in Forbes


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